Moving stuffs

Moving to the new office is still two and a half weeks away, but we’re starting to move stuffs already.

Yesterday, we picked out the Japanese books we’re not using anymore. These are either books that we already published, or those that we’ll never publish. Oh, and the 4+ years worth of subscribed comic magazines too. Those book will be sold in a clearance sale starting today at about €0.3 each. Really cheap, but better than burning them because they’re taking much space and difficult to move.

Today is our company’s birthday, 24th already. We went to the other building for birthday party event. I had two impressions about the opening.

First, the speech is long. I finished reading one and a half book.

Second is during the praying session. It amazed me how some management peoples I met could enter motivational speeches and pass it as a prayer. The activity is no longer communication with God, but made to be heard by the other humans there.

My work productivity is low today. Didn’t really pay attention. I’m sleepy most of the times, probably because of two main reasons. First, after installing Zune on my work PC, I listened music more. My experience in my previous two working place is that I’m not the type that works with music, I’ll get sleepy quick.

Second, because my brother is home, I tend to spend time outside in the living room and ends up sleeping later. Today, he’s worried of heavy rain that might left him stranded in the middle of inter-city highway (yes, there’s such incident) so he’s not home today. I’ll sleep earlier today ^^

Then, the coordinator told us to move the books too, because this Saturday, the racks with books will be moved to the new office floor.

Had a lot of proofs under my table too. Lots of work, need a serene place to finish it quick. *sigh*


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