Without realizing it, today is Friday already. This means tomorrow is Saturday. I had plans for the two days actually, only I wonder how to organize them, besides, one depends heavily on the unpredictable weather situation.

P1000948 (1024x768)Continuing the announcement yesterday, we’re busy cleaning up books from the shelf. My part is from publishers we doesn’t regularly make contact with. Result is three cardboard boxes for me.

P1000955 (768x1024) The others, I remember there’s someone with seven or eight cardboard boxes for their part. Also there’s two more boxes with books to go to either the sale, or the incinerator.

Talking about the sale, yesterday I accompanied my friend to look for books in the sale. I also saw several questionable materials in the sale, although we should’ve sorted those out earlier. Well, my main question is actually, who the hell requested that book in the first place ? The author is not the type who made works that can be published here. Well, if I tell to the others, I’m sure we had single suspect though.

Pushing box filled tightly with around four layers of books (arranged on the spines) is difficult, damn heavy.

Back to the title. Went to the dentist today. She mentioned I should get a surgery as soon as possible to remove my wisdom tooth. Also she advertised a product to seal off some kind of microscopic fissure to prevent tooth decay. Not so sure yet.

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