Dragon Age 2009-01 (no download)

Got my Dragon Age magazine, 2009-01 edition.

New comic, Yamitsuki Maris (やみ憑きマリス). Hasn’t read this one, but the artwork looks good. Will update with review after i read it. But for short, seems like the main character is targeted by reincarnation of Kaguya Hime because he’s reincarnation of her servant in the past and someone who can show her the way to go back to the moon.

Hekikai no AiON, continuing last chapter’s phone call between Seine and the “devils” who gave her the immortal body. She mentioned that she had killed one mermaid, six left to go (going to be a long series again it seems). The mermaid starts to infect peoples closer to Tatsuya now, although it seems to be by coincidence. At the end, the two devils came, so maybe they’ll stay in the mansion too and make things more cheerful :D

Zeroin, I didn’t follow this title, but I think I know someone who’ll really love the new sniper character :D

Crimson Grave… well, waiting for the next installment, but not much to tell.

Chrome-Shelled Regios, this time is a prologue episode, about Leleen who’s going to Zuellni and in the way, got assisted by Layfong’s old comrade.

Gosick is entering the flashback, which explains what happened in the Queen Beryl ship 10 years ago. Not really a surprise, I’ve been told about it from someone who read the novel. They want to do divination about world war. Usually they use released wild rabbit tagged, and then hunted by dogs, to see which dies. But for countries, they used human children from various countries, and let them try to survive and kill each others in the sinking ship, to see which countries will survive.

Finally, Omamori Himari. A break after the last arc, this time it’s the school festival event. Himari is entering the miss contest (with swimsuit). Rather than the fan service, I actually liked the scene when Himari and Yuuto is alone in the empty class, before her swimsuit strap got entangled in his uniform’s button that is. Just showing the progress in their relationship.

And of course, this month she won the best 1 panel (first and second place) as well as favourite character of the month.

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