Nice sleep

Yesterday night, my brother brought home DVD of Doomsday. Watched it with him and although I don’t think it might sell well here, it’s the type of movie I really enjoyed. Well, there are three types of movies I like, first is creature movies & milder slasher (even if they look second rate), second is sci-fi. Last but not least, comedy and parody.

The movie is too short in my opinion, some scene seems disparate from the others. The final scenes could’ve been cut shorter. During that part, it felt almost as long as the rest of the movie itself.

Today, thanks to sleeping late, I go to the sofa at the back of the office today and try to take a nap. I think, what’s planned to be 15 minutes long turned out into an hour afternoon nap like a baby ^^;

My boss got call from her superior, asking why so little titles are published. So, somehow she managed to squeeze out 12 titles from the progress. Some of that 12 is released in risky terms though.

All good today, except my office sandal ended its service, sadly. I walked barefooted around today :P

My brother is not home today too. Got much free time and re-started writing again. But time is too short, I passed my planned sleep hour again. So, good night.

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