End of…

The rubber sandal I wore in office. Rather than wearing shoes, most of us rather keep our private sandals in the office to go around the place. Our feet also have more room to breath.

In my previous working place, that rented a floor of office building in city’s central business district, the floor is covered with carpet, so I usually walk around barefooted during office hour (except when moving to another floor or having meeting with general manager or executives of course).

But in this new place, because it’s own building, the floor is covered with tiles. Judging from the sole of my feet, it’s dustier here too, so sandal is a good choice. It also provides emergency footwear in event of flood.

Had one, made of rubber with white and green colour. the strap of my right sandal is severed, although I think it’s still fine the day before. Need to find new one.

It’s been a tiring day. The weather is also so hot, no rain whatsoever although this is supposed to be the short lived moment when rain would fall. Sad for me, because starting February until the next December, there might not be any more rainfall. Even this year’s rainy season only gave short-lived intermittent showers.

Made me moody and easily upset. This is why I hate hot weather.

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