Mini gathering

After a long time, had a mini gathering with friends from the Animindo forum (Indonesian language). Had the captain, Myd-oyaji, Tsu and his soon-to-be wife (congrats and good luck) and Zeph.

I cancelled trying to go and buy that Western Digital World Book II casing (second hand product with the hard drive removed). Actually if I count it, the overall cost is smaller than if I bought a new 2 TB unit, because I can first put one 1 TB drive inside and add the second one later. But the short warranty period made me worried. I guess I’ll wait for the sale.

Met with Gi-chan there, in a cafe, before the others arrived. She’s playing Gyakuten Saiban so I set up for her an account in FriendFeed as well as adding Twitter web activity to her Live Profiles. Also stream Candy Boy eps 5 (NicoNico Douga).

Ah, one time I went to the toilet without bringing my messenger bag. The arcade to the toilet is quiet, and for a moment, I get the feeling like living in there. Well, might be random thought mixed with the silent noise from somewhere, and dress mood.

There’s call, and we have to go to the bank as soon as possible. After that then we met with the others. She’s taking many books, although that’s merely half of it, I think :D

Random talk as usual, sharing recent experiences. Also read Shounen Ace magazine, although that’s irrelevant.

The plan is extended until near 18.00. We split up, most go home. When both of us are heading back home, rain falls. Since the rain is quite hard, I decided to wait and get a dinner.

Compared price and finally settled down, and thinking I’ll spend up much. The salad, I should asked for extra lemon juice for the olive oil I asked as replacement for the dressing. One thing that interest me is, why do the waiters smile like that to me. It’s not the friendly smile, but as if there’s something funny with my face. I’m not offended, only curious.

The rain stopped when I’m heading home. That rain last only for a while, not even enough to cool down the heat pools in this city.

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