New year eve

As I told previously, usually on (Chinese) new year eve, we gathered the whole extended family… well, from my father’s side. And because my father is the eldest son, everybody gathers here for family dinner.

Addition to that, there is tradition that during new year, there must not be any cleaning or washing. Everything washed away will bring this year’s luck with them (talking about layoff). This means, who dish washing had to be finished tonight.

Personally, it’s noisy, too many peoples coming and I’m feeling under the pressure from parents that want to see me socializing more with them.

My grandfather doesn’t come this year, so the party ended sooner.

There is a shred of hope. Seems like we’ll try dining out for next year. :D

By the way, about the thing I mentioned in Twitter. Does hot chocolate equals to something like thick melted chocolate bar? I’m not too familiar with it, but I’m more used to cocoa drink that has the consistency about the same as cup of coffee. Well, I could get milk added and thinning the drink a bit. Taste better, although still too sweet in my opinion.

PS: no, no Photosynth for the party :D


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