Chinese New Year

The code is “Petak Sembilan” for me, referring to the news this morning. Petak Sembilan is an area in Jakarta’s China town district where there is a temple there.

After the new government, Chinese cultural activities that has been banned by the government (by reason of unity) has been abolished and held again (probably to get popularity from Chinese ethnics who hold much of the economic power at that time).

Anyway, one of the most popular Chinese new year tradition in Indonesia is hungbao (red packet), envelope with money given by those who already had settled live (family & income) to younger relatives, subordinates, etc. Yes, we loved money ever since we’re young ^^

The temple in that area had a custom of giving those hungbao to the poor. The money came from donation to the temple. But because of the economic depression, donation had decreased, so they can’t give much, much to the disappointment of peoples already expecting it.

Same as my case. I get none :P

As usual, we doesn’t go to too much relatives’ house. This one we went to is… you could say the wealthy one of the extended family, big house and such.

My mouth still hurts as hell. Don’t know the English word for it, but it’s a kind of minor oral infection I often get. A lot of peoples, talking about things I’m not having a single spec of interest in.

Well, I could go out and look at the pond where the owner of the house keep more than a dozen of koi carp, which I mentioned, failed carp because released in the wild, they’re sitting duck for predators with those colours ^^; Well, I don’t understand the beauty of fishes, they’re consumable carp in my eyes :D

Before going home, a relative (uncle? not sure) told about child of another relative once throw stones into the pond (children) and made the fishes got stress and died (we’re talking about close to 100 Euro or more per fish here). Ever since the incident, they never came again.

Family lunch in KFC. Long time since I visited the Colonel :D

By the way, there is a sun eclipse this afternoon. Like my favourite quote, “Man proposes, shit happens”, cloud hung over the sky from probably 4 in the morning and it rains continuously (not the hard-soft-hard badly rhythmic pattern as usual) up to about 1 in the afternoon.

I like it, the air is cool, and well… I like the view of the world when it rained much as during sunset. Too bad, knowing it’s eclipse today, that means can’t expect tomorrow to not be terribly hot.

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