Social incentive

Rather than taking the social aspect of Facebook as many mentioned about the new Live Profile, I prefer categorizing it as a life streaming service like FriendFeed.

Anyway, that’s not the topic. I think I read this from Marcus somewhere and I surely agree. Those aggregator service is making us utilize more online service than before.

Live’s 50 services will be open in some time, but ever since I got into FriendFeed, been using more service myself, as well as reactivating my older accounts.

Let’s see… joined Twitter, LinkedIn, StumbleUpon, Mixx, started updating status in Facebook, uploading pictures to Photobucket and Flickr again. Also joined GoodReads, although hasn’t started making reviews. Not just merely joining, but with a motivation to put lot of meaningful entries there.

How about you ? Are these life aggregator services made you more active in your online life ?


One thought on “Social incentive

  1. Good post Seika! I haven’t taken a look at FriendFeed but I will now. Trouble is getting the time to update all of these sites, keep track of all your passwords, usernames etc, (which is difficult when you have a mind like a sieve!) You certainly are a busy bee online!


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