Like what I tweet about this afternoon, I finally tried Thwirl and TweetDeck and noticed both as Adobe AIR application. Seeing this, I’m curious about if there’s any Silverlight or WPF application for social networking. In particular, my main interest would be for FriendFeed, Twitter and Facebook (well… Live too, but not putting my hopes too high).

The search hasn’t been so fruitful though.

Chirp is a client for Twitter, although in my case it often failed to get updates. But could be my internet connection.

Hubbub… well, looks good, but the application Windows seems to force itself to be always on top, and thus taking out my screen estate.

bTT is… I’m not sure, because I always get the SQL CE 3.5 dependence error when trying to download and install it.

Anyone had more ideas ? I’ll try the product from AIR for now.


One thought on “Clients

  1. I use TweetDeck Seika and it is really good. Takes up a bit of room on your desktop but you can see all your friends Tweets arriving and your replies. Also love the sound it makes!


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