Being exclusive is not that bad

A fellow from Live Clubhouse, Kumar, wrote about benefit of having two accounts. One of it is about spam management.

Personal experience, I had many accounts (during the craze trying out as many free e-mail services as possible (^_^;) but now keep only a few still active, most are for specific stuffs, especially mailing lists (that I’m thinking of quitting for not being so active there anymore).

Spam is abundant, but even better than spam filter (which still have mistakes) is don’t give out the main address. Like in health, it’s better to keep your health than cure your illness. In e-mail, this means keep the mail for peoples you trust of.

Also avoid posting that dearest mail address anywhere in the internet, better use another mail and tell your main address to new friends you can really trust later day.

Personally… I separate the accounts like this.

  • Main account for personal communications (and some services I trust fully).
  • Account for more public talk. Somehow, also spam-ful.
  • Account to handle notification from online services.
  • Account for registering with sites, apps, etc. As expected, full of spam.

Then for my main account, I kept the spam filter to white list mode, only for those in my address book.
I still get some spam, with notification mails from web services. This is intended, because I only need to read the mail once. Having them sent into Junk Mail folder save me the hassle of having to delete them manually.

By the way, never give your main account to friends that have such compulsive-disorder of pressing the Forward button on every single joke & hoax mails they receive. Your address and every unlucky names will end up in the forwarded mail and published to the internet, until it will possibly lands on spammer’s target list. :P

Also try to get a unique name. Sometimes, when you check the To address in spam, you can see they tried variations of common name and send to to dozens of address in many providers. Shoot blindly everywhere and hope it hits on some poor souls.

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