On location, in 4D

There’s buzz about Google Latitude yesterday. Yes, this is about location awareness apps, but not from the Latitude’s story, instead, it’s from a piece of sentence in Palm’s page in Facebook, mentioning “I want to be able to say that if it is time x and in location y…”

So, I had an idea (although someone else might claim and patent it earlier). The concept is…

a solution that would enable people to look at places beyond confine of time and space.

The application works like this:

Set an alias name (or real name for the “devil-may-care” type) and the application would save time and location (by GPS) and upload it to the cloud.

For those without permanent internet connection, the application can also work like geotracking software, saving the point and time, then upload it later at home or office or public place.

After a specific time set by the user (e.g: 1 hour, 1 day, 1 week), the location will be published to the public for specific time (e.g: 6 months). This is for privacy of course. They can also set to show it instantly to the friends in their contact list, like other location aware applications.

Other users can then filter the time (e.g: last 1 hour, 2 days ago, this week) and see who has been around the place some time before.

Imagine the scenario…

Wife: dear, can I ask you something ?
Husband: yes ?
Wife: what are you doing yesterday in that hotel with my sister ? *showing up the phone*
Husband: … we forgot to turn of our phones ?
Wife: not the answer I ask for.

Okay, that one aside. Imagine, meeting new friends that share the same interest, and often goes through the same street everyday as you are. It’s the same old idea of networking through the internet could help people to form new relationship in real life.

Of course, since this is for mobile device, and with human cities’ population nowadays, it’s a good idea to have better granular filters in, or the data would be overwhelming.

I’m not a programmer, or having the capital to do it though. Anyone thinking this would rocks ? Or will it just become short-lived toy for niche market ?

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