Another place to sync with

Through Engadget via Brighthand, the scoops is out about Microsoft’s cloud service to synchronize data in mobile phones, that most Windows Mobile enthusiasts might already know as SkyBox.

The site is open…

It will synchronize contact (could be done with Live for mobile), calendar, task, text messages and files (could be done with Live Mesh mobile).

For now, no push e-mail, and the synchronization only happened once a day. For my case, not a big deal because I don’t really need the real time synchronization yet.

But this is the part that kills half the expectation.

If you have Windows Live installed on your phone, it will synchronize your Windows Live contacts with the Windows Live web site, and My Phone will synchronize your other contacts to your account on the My Phone web site.

from MyPhone @ Microsoft.

I take that means that I’ll have to either move my contacts to MyPhone (no way, I want the contacts to be ready for Messenger and Hotmail). Or I’ll have to manage two places (MyPhone for everything else with blank address book that doesn’t seem right).


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