Fanatical hatred?

Sometimes, I wonder why peoples could hate others so much just because of their sense of belonging.

Okay, I admit I had negative sentiment against over-reacting fanboys, or against Google and Apple. But I think I do it in a more “gave up on them anyway” attitude and just avoid contact.

But this is different. There are peoples who could hate another group because of beliefs (not limited to religious or ideological) they had. They could hate the group like their family is killed or something, just because they drink of the “media’s poisonous tongue”.

Example is the hatred against government and politician. Together with apathy, they starts badmouthing government like staple jokes, without trying to see the situation.
The enemy is source of all sorrow, if we kill them, the world will be better. Why such attitude ?

It’s like, someone who want to hold abstain in election and not do any of their own political attempt to make things better, have no right to complain, that’s what I belief.

Well, there’s also those countries considered like empire of the devil on this planet right ? Everyone think they’re the source of sorrow and take things really personally. No, not talking about terrorist countries.


2 thoughts on “Fanatical hatred?

  1. But sometimes you just can’t stop the feeling of hatred towards governments in certain countries when you personally experience and see how the people are treated like dirt by police men, government officials, etc. How can a country progress in any way when their own government doesn’t follow their own laws?

  2. If they experience it, I can’t say much, they experience it. My problem is if the hate is flamed from sentiments alone. They see news, listen to the opinions (which usually are pro-popular opinion), but doesn’t try to see the enviroment around that problem itself (simply throw it as "greed" and any other easy answers).Besides, there are times when I get the impression they want the government to be the bad guy to hate. They want to wish and dream, but not really doing anything to make it real. As if they enjoy the activity of hating itself.


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