Price checking

Recently, I’ve been thinking of switching my phone (HTC S730) with a Palm Centro device. Sounds like a downgrade, but I like to try different devices. Well, I know MWC will start in two days, besides, I’m still waiting for the receiving of my yearly bonus payment.

Today, I went to Roxi. It’s a local shopping mall dominated by mobile phone stores, a good place to look for a good price if you had confidence in your haggling skill. Most of the shops are retails, not big name chain stores.

So, I learned something. If the phone you’re looking for is Nokia, Sony Ericsson, Samsung, LG, or any other major brand name, you’re fine. But trying to look for more minor player is a pain.

As I mentioned before, they’re not chain store, but retail owned by personals. Rather than keeping stocks of brands with lower sales, they prefer taking stocks from more well known brands.

Thus, among probably 100+ stores, I found only one Centro, a second-hand item.


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