Value training

Today, the new employees (contract workers) are sent to a training on corporate value, the things such as company history, vision and mission.

Some parts are not that boring, at least the trainer admit it thoroughly that the corporation we work in is stingy about money. They used to have a movie production company and TV station too, but it’s disbanded or sold to another company, most likely because of un-readiness of their culture to handle the cash flow nature of those two businesses.

Another interesting bit is that the Gramedia book store standing on Gajah Mada street is their first. Yes, I wondered too because it looks so old and located in position much different from the rest (most of the stores are in shopping centres).

The talk about plan in the future and profit… my comment is “is that plan made before or after the economic depression ?”

Anyway, doesn’t really enjoy the training because I still had two edits to finish. Then there’s the talks about covers too, which my manager would say do it quickly. Lots to do tomorrow. But here’s an excerpt of contact mail.

do you also has the publishing right for the novel version there in Indonesia.

Well, to tell the truth, I’d love to have the novel version published here too. But alas, that division is very much dead because the sale is too low. *cries*


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