A pit for books

Not sure if it’s in my house or not, but in this morning’s dream, I saw that place. In a corner of the large house, there is a large room. Left to the walkway, there’s a pit, probably about the size of my bedroom, lowered around 2–3 metres down.

Inside is a lot of books stacked. Not well organized library style on shelves, but stacked around the place like in storage. Then, there’s a small room at the further end of the place, for more privacy, although the design inside looks more like praying room for me.

Saw several old archives of documents (such as school transfer file I didn’t remember).

At least, new place. I also visited that back street though, the one I went through to go to a course there in the city, and medium sized street connected to it. A glimpse of the street where I took train too.


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