My Phone, first sync

So, I had the mail that I can sign in to My Phone.

After signing in to the web, the instruction asked me to download installer for my phone. The web interface won’t be available until the first sync though.

Through the not so reliable 3G connection here, the installer is about 556kb worth of cab file. Installed it, run and go for the first sync.

Like sync to Outlook, there’s option of which files can be synchronized. Contacts (Live People contacts not included), Calendar, Tasks, Text message, Photo, Video, Music, Documents. Storage card files are excluded.

Took some time, but all 71kb (yes, I don’t have many entries) is copied to the web storage.

Tried the web interface now…

My first complain is on the Calendar interface.

  • There’s no use of AJAX as in Live Calendar, but I can live with that.
  • No option to set start-of-week, it stays on Sunday despite being the Seventh Day.
  • Usage of 12-hours clock format instead of 24-hours, thus I found that I had to move my attention from number pad to the alphabet keys (not to mention, AM is well split apart in QWERTY layout).
  • Date and time is set on the same text box instead of separate. Just a bit troublesome, besides, I can’t see the time at a glance because it’s out of the box.
  • On Day view, they could at least default the date start to the day displayed instead of leaving it blank.

An ironic thing on the Contacts. The default placeholder for contact picture is… that blue guy from Messenger, and even the frame copied Windows Live’s.

By the way, it’s not true that the phone will be synchronized every night. At least, there’s an option to set when the synchronization would occur. The maximum amount of auto sync is once a day, but can be set to weekly also.

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