Almost forgotten

P1010071 (768x1024)

The shop in Plasa Indonesia is not open yet, but this one in Plasa Senayan is ready. Had this for lunch.

Personally, I think the taste is softer than similar menu from other restaurant that I tasted before. Could be suggestion, but had to say this one fits my taste.

Plus they serve tea with milk in the menu. Never saw that written right in the menu. :D

The pattern looks pretty in my opinion.

P1010068 (1024x768) 

P1010070 (768x1024)

Can’t wait for Friday. Of course, this branch of Kinokuniya book store also have several 天地人 story book to tease our special guest.

My trip out today is firstly to take my magazine. The bonus booklet this time is illustration of 12 Chinese zodiac for the Chinese New Year event. Well, something she’ll love in my opinion is this. The illustration for the Chicken (her zodiac) is illustrated by one of her favourite illustrators, Kuramoto Kaya. P1010073


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