Somewhat, safe

Today, we had a meeting with head of the editorial department. More precisely, we’re gathered there to talk about why the number of titles released is under the target (17 titles per week, 68 per month).

Yes, we’re performing poorly and we really need to close up the “debt” of titles published late.

We did get the chance to talk about our side of the problem though.

There’s also problem in the new workflow, such as the IS application we use is modelled by the textbook production workflow. Then, the print job order to the printing company is ordered ahead by the production department (by procedure, it should be ordered when all materials is ready).

Then, the every troubling problem shadowing us this year. We’re damn lacking of new titles to publish! There’s many concern, but I guess the worst obstacle is censorship. Blame it to the over-sensitive crowds here that will starts making headline if we had kissing or nakedness in our products. On the other side, some publishers, such as Square, demand that there’s no modification made to the pictures.

Overall, the meeting got fun when we browse around the data. I got my name into the query a lot (until the boss pity me and ask for other volunteer), the two comic magazine editor continue their rivalry with the “I edit more page than you” game, etc. Ah, there’s also ice cream treat for the end of this month.

The higher ups also sounds eager to help us contract worker to get permanent employee status as soon as possible by this year.

Now, they also asked us to find program. One of the proposed event is a gathering with local comic artists, which is given to the younger editors. No exact date is set, but I guess we have to start thinking about what kind of events it will be.


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