Computer sale

There’s a computer sales event this week. It’s the first of the three major computer sale event here.

Went there with friends. One of them want to buy a new notebook, on a tight budget (netbook is not included, too small). Other than the budget, time is tight too.

In short, we arrived, and is very lucky to find a parking lot close by. Then, a few rounds around the place to gather the pamphlet with price list and make a circle to discuss which is in the limit.

Finally, we decided on an Acer notebook, forgot the unit type, but Windows is not included. As much as I want to recommend installing Vista… I want to recommend Windows 7 actually, but it will expire in August, while she’s not the type that want to bother reinstalling it later I think. Another friend, her sister, is with the XP faction, insisting it’s better than Vista.
Why no Mac ? Well, the budget is under USD 700. Mac don’t stand a chance.

Well, I’m in the group that has low survivability in conflict, so I stepped back.

Because the time is tight too, I don’t have enough time to go around and look for things I want to buy myself, such as a new DVD drive to burn my downloaded films.

When I got home finally, nobody is at home. I thought they’re going out. But later I heard from my brother that my mother is in the hospital. Apparently her ulcer disease is getting worse lately.


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