I totally forgot

… and regret about not going out today.

Tomorrow is my cousin’s wedding day. 幼馴染と結婚しますよ. ちなみに, お爺さんがあんまり認めない昼メロ的の設定. ええと, そこまでは無いけど.

Well, that just means, no time to check price, and no time to buy a new DVD drive, curse it.

In addition, wedding is troubling even to those who doesn’t get the bride. As extended family, we’ll be participating in various standing role. Ah, in addition, my father is the eldest son and seems to be doing the event consultant too. Well, fits his attitude.

Tomorrow, I hope I could bring my notebook with me. Such time, I could wish for a netbook, but I’ve decided, no buying netbook before Windows 7. We don’t have free upgrade program here and a Windows license could as well took more than half my monthly nett income.

By the way, talking about netbook, from the models I saw yesterday, excluding Vaio P, my favourite design is of course HP Mini Note. I prefer design of 2322 (CMIIW) than 1000. I wonder why they raise the specs, yet choose the uglier design.


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