Minus 2 days

Had to say things are not so well lately. The lost of the computer magazine seems to give huge impact to the turnover rate that the comic division had to work hard as to cover the loss. In any case, we got extensive calls to small meetings asking about our work performance yesterday.

The topic is much or less the same. Why the hell can’t we finish editing two scripts per week, and why do we always under-deliver from the 18 titles per week target.

Although unrelated, I don’t feel so well today, probably light flu or something like it. Thinking that it’s just Thursday doesn’t do much to help because we still have another work day. Yesterday night, although my brother is not home, I doesn’t get the mood to start writing, too tired to do it.

But at least, Monday is a holiday, so in turn we get this long weekend. Lets hope I’m all healthy to enjoy things here. Three days straight, there should be time to look for change of mood. :D

Another topic. In this week, finally got the scan for Nogami Takeshi’s doujin in C75, Strike Witches – Tigers in Desert and Soukai no Seiki 7. Both starting to look like it’s heading for direction of Panzerfraulein though, which worried me.
Want to write comment on Twitter, but since I follow the author there, I guess it’s best not to do so (^^;)

Anyway, sorry for not writing much these days. Actually, I still write, in my other journal, so I got lazy of writing the same thing over again.

By the way, my mother is back from the hospital, although her condition is still not perfect yet. Maybe she just had enough with the IVD, after all, she had probably close to 10 stabs of the needle.

Random word of complaint: why must shipping cost more than the item itself!? Free trade should eliminate retail product shipment cost!!


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