Better late than never ?

For some case… but not all case.

Yesterday, the cloud is thick all day long. Around 1500, finally it rained down, hard. An hour or so, finally the rain subsided, then continued with slight drizzle and about average rain.

Rain shouldn’t be much of problem, but the drivers here lacks of discipline. Too much cars, and everyone with their me first mentality. To add more pain, drainage system is poor in some location and this caused local flooding, which again caused bottleneck to the traffic.

Tired of waiting for the bus, I went home by taxi instead. Cost me 10× compared to going by bus, but didn’t regret it because the street is so congested.

Well, there is another alternative that I took a bus to where the cars stops, then walk until the end of that bottleneck, to continue with another public transport. But it’s raining.

Nevertheless, I like the rain though. It made colours a lot prettier and sharper than a bright shiny day.


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