Merging buildings

Too bad that I couldn’t see the process. In this morning’s dream, I think I merged two buildings (the inside looks like three or four buildings I know merged though).

The places are related with my plans this weekend, so I’m really excited that those plans would be successful. :D

The inside is shady as usual, just like most places in my dream. Imagine a bright day, but with thick cloud, almost as if the sky is gray, but the surface is reflecting sunlight from the inside.

Went to look for stuff there, but entered the wrong building. The old one has become market (probably the front side of another building I’ve visited in another dream).

The new building is more specialized in electronic stuffs. The bridge connecting it to another building across the street is unexpected though.

In the second episode (yes, somehow there’s a second episode back-to-back) when I went there the second time, met someone in the bus.

Since I’m rather sleepy during the ride, I just followed her down. In fact, she’s looking for her brother’s shop, and is also lost and entered the older building. Took me time before I realized that I’m in the wrong place (^^;)


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