Be (a) cause…

Is it because of my environment that I fail to understand each and every time, just how effective is a cause, petition or any form of strike will do good ? Same thing as how I would never see the light about what’s the correlation between someone who would run naked around the city to “raise awareness” of something.

If any, I only see moment of fame, or the fun of having yourself an “identity as a group”.

Why so sudden ? Well, in other media, lately particularly at Facebook, I did get invites for causes. It’s presented as if we have millions of peoples writing their name there, then it will miraculously happens. But where’s the real program ? I for one believe the only way to make bastards follow what we want is doing it their way, find a way that will make their life miserable if they don’t comply. If not, what do they have to lose ? As far as they know, they might lose more if they bend to the will of the group.

10 millions of names in a cause against deforestation, but they still use the same amount of papers because it’s more convenient (and cheaper). How would that do any good ? The cause will only be one of yet another hundreds of similar things.
Raising awareness ? Everyone might just join because those pin collecting is fun. I remember time when rubber wristbands are fashion item more than the cause behind it. When others sees it, they see an item of fashion, and never ask what that means.

Same as petition. If we have, say… 25 thousand peoples signing the petition and send it to a company. If the company refuse, what will that 25 thousand peoples do ? Just sit down and life goes on ? This is especially true for online petition signed by peoples that for me is a bunch of faceless anonymous.

Then again, this could be the local culture. We don’t have news like in the US where we often heard about class actions from a group against something, which has any chance of success.


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