Yesterday and today

Three days of long weekend. Had my plans ready although as usual everything got changed midway.

Saturday is rather tiring and a bit frustrating. Half of it it sparked by being unable to find public place with power socket and wi-fi. Call me cheap for lounging hours in free hotspot, but there’s just some works I couldn’t do at home, couldn’t get the mood to do it.

Sunday is fun. Although I hate heat, but walking out like that made me feel really refreshed.

There’s also a happy moment after that, so it’s a great day in my opinion. That’s a chance that might not come until god know when.

The only regret I had is that I asked to be picked up when going home. I should’ve just taken the bus although it’ll be more tiring to me. But the sacrifice is worth it, rather than getting preached in a confined space with no chance of escaping.

Today, well, I’m helping my father to track back some reports from his business. The reports are inconsistent, same product listed in different name, different price, even the clients has several different names.

Spent the whole day transcribing the paper report to Excel and played with filter and pivot table. Access would work better, if just everything is set straight. Oh how I remember my short time in lecture of introduction to database concept.

I want my vacation back!


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