Checking… and asleep

Been getting off that data transcribing job by taking home my own work. Not really doing so good, as I fell asleep in half hour doing it. Maybe I’m just too tired ?

Anyway, boss is not in so great mood due to the declining product quantity. Just yesterday, me and a fellow editor got called by the manager (3 hops above us) and ask again about what’s our problem. We describe the meeting as “called to the principal’s office”.

The solution I have is of course, lower the job demand, let us breath and finish all the mess first before starting new. Of course, we know we’re dreaming if a higher executive would accept that solution which would hamper income for a while *laugh*

Had a translation script in today, so I can turn that in tomorrow. Sent the rest of the copies I had to another translator and is waiting for her to do it. Although I asked for a week, kind of feeling sorry too. They do this as freelance and often they also had other work. One translator asked to quit because she had children to take care too (and she had high work load IINM). Well, if this time the translation quality increase, maybe I should appeal for a rise ?

Then… ah, I think I wouldn’t bring back editing or proof reading work back home, but instead focus on restarting my review freelance job. Need some extra money recently.


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