Weekend, go!

Internet connection is really best for use when monopolized isn’t it ? Today, many peoples in the office seems to be away. The folks from the production department is gone somewhere almost the whole day. Editors for the comic magazines is gone too, on which one I knew like to download things. The result is excellent. I could open various sites, Windows Live, Twitter, even the bloat-load of Facebook. 平和っていいな~ (=_=)

In the other hand, my work doesn’t really move. (^_^;)
Slacking off too much perhaps.

In the other hand, I posted again in that forum. It’s a specialized theme forum about gadgets. I don’t have big enough spending as them, so I can’t really keep up with their discussion. Being playing in forums for a long time, I felt like I kept losing interest in posting less meaningful thoughts and engage in social junk posts like I used to do in my earlier days.

Friday, Friday! Had a planned big spending in Monday, so I hope I could get enough money to offset that expense from selling my used stuffs.

We finally get the blank form for reporting list of volumes that we already got publishing contract, working copies and translation. This is for reporting to the higher ups about how we can’t edit scripts because there’s no scripts to edit. But unlike what’s suggested previously, planned publishing date is still there. Lets just see how it came up.


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