Red sky observatory

For yesterday, I went to pick up my subscribed Dragon Age magazine (edition 2009-03). Hasn’t read all of it yet, but I didn’t follow all the titles in it too.

After that, find some time to type, but then I found out later, I’m losing two sub-chapters from my file. Earlier the previous day, I also lost two files.

My prime suspect for now is Live Mesh. Recently I re-added my phone to Mesh (after hard reset) and add back the folder in my memory card where I kept copy of my files. Maybe Mesh made a mistake in interpreting the versions and overwrite my computer’s.

Doesn’t have much mood afterward.

Before going back home, I take a turn to the old city area to take pictures.

As usual, the place is crowded, especially because sun is setting and the weather has become cooler. Other than peoples taking photographs (the place is popular for pre-wedding photos), there’s also local residents who spend the afternoon in the plaza.

There’s some buildings that can be accessed. I entered one yesterday, an old building that gave me creeps, like there’ll be something showing up suddenly. But the top floor is beautiful although dirty. The roof has collapsed, so I can see the sky from there. At the corner, there’s a what’s left of a tree that roots firmly to the wall, down to the lowest floor.

Just in time for sunset, the sky turns red gradually. (^ー^)


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