Stress piling

Is it wrong that even though I graduated from IT major, I’m not interested or learned in programming (specifically coding)? My current job is really different from that.

I hate listing such complaints in diary like this even if it’s private because I feel like keeping negative energy in my treasure box of memories, but really, this is making me depressed lately.

As mentioned in my previous entry, my father bought an SMB and want to fix it. One of the move he want is repairing the recording system for purchase and sales (too many money got corrupted). He then ordered me to make a solution for it, part for money saving, part to put pressure on me (he added, show him the value of money he used to put me in university).

Deadline is closing, but I kept having troubles in even putting up concept for the flow.

Other than body that felt more tired recently, last time I check I got more teeth in yellow alert. This afternoon, I even chip off another piece when biting a half-cooked pop corn. Had to go and take photo of my wisdom teeth for surgical removal too, but I still got worried often, because if I go with him, that means I’m trapped in car with him for hours and had to listen to all those preaching.


If just my permanent employment came earlier (with the raise), I might be able to keep this problem longer.


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