The day some city stand still

Today is a Hindu holy day. For most of us, it’s a national holiday, but for area with majority of Hindu believers, they stopped activity for the whole day (longer than an hour, and annually).

But lets get to the activity part today. Since I forgot to take the original copy of the translated book yesterday, I went out for a short lunch. (^-^)

Well, would like larger portion, but had  a nice moment, although I admit since that day I think I got carried away easier.

There’s a lot of new books in the book store too… want to buy… but too expensive for now. They charge almost twice the Japanese Yen current exchange rate for the books.

Then, cute thing by the end of the noon, after a short heavy rain, there’s a lot of sparrows on the street. There’s no car passing by the other lane, so they gathered around pecking something from the asphalt. Maybe leftover rain water ?

End my day here, until tomorrow.


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