Great choice for election day

Indonesian general election committee decided election day would be on April 9th.

The same day as the celebration of Jesus’ last supper. Well, Christian are rather minority, although there are protest from some Christian majority area asking for the date to be postponed because they must prepare for the ceremonies.

But I think there’s another problem too. The percentage of peoples who’s not that interested in casting vote is not negligible.

The election day will be a national holiday, or at least half work hour (most office workers can go home after lunch). The next day, commemorating Jesus who die on the cross, is always a national holiday. That means, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday, four days straight for vacation.

For peoples who’s not interested in the election, they might take the chance to take early leave to neighbouring country, or out of town for vacation. Going after election risked the traffic getting congested, so I guess they’ll go before that.

Less voter again. Oh how I hope the abstain votes could get seats in the parliament too, so everyone can see how legitimate our government is.


2 thoughts on “Great choice for election day

  1. haha, it’s Indonesia anyway. Of course people won’t vote, they don’t know anything about the candidates or the parties. Why don’t they reduce the amount of parties in Indonesia? I have seen the election paper on TV, it’s too large…

  2. They can’t. That will make them contra-reformation, which is highly unpopular :DI think many will vote. They eat the dream politician gave them, or they just don’t have anything else to do so they just vote (just like having religion without understanding, just at least to be not an atheist)


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