Lets be civilized

After I found my receipt for the tax cut from my working place, I went on to report my yearly expense tax. Today is the last day, and being not informed enough about where to submit the report, I went on to my area’s tax office.

Arrived on 07.00, there’s already about four peoples who came earlier than me. The staff, as a public service officer should be, is late; we don’t even have anyone to give the queue number.

But knowing that there will be a lot of peoples coming, one of us made suggestion to set our turn by who came earlier. That way, when the staffs came, there will be no feud. We kept that rule to the 25th or so report.

When the staff came, the rule we set keep most of us in order.

So much for civilized act, although we came earlier, so we have higher respect and lower selfishness which ensure that the rule can be held. In probably less than 15 minutes, the report is finished (after all, we only need to submit paper works).

Then, I need to get back to office. Only one bus, no switching, that same bus where I’m asleep when going home and it took me all the way to the train station.

Never realized it’s taking long turn to Mangga Dua area though. Arrived on 09.14 on my desk.


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