Texture of milk

When I had the time recently, the sky always had texture of milk. Well, milk is delicious, but the soft texture is boring, I prefer blue sky with inspiring shaped clouds. The bigger problem is, despite having a simple point-and-shoot camera hanging in a pouch from my belt, I still find myself often reluctant to pull it out.

One occasion is today. When I’m going to the bus stop after picking up my father’s broken Kingston USB flash disk (which again, is still not detected), I passed under the Semanggi interchange bridge.

The park under the bridge is being cropped. Many of the old trees has most of their lower branches cut away. Pieces of woods from the chainsaw covered parts of the sidewalk in white colours. Not as smooth as snow though, maybe more like grated coconuts.

Then, on the other side of the road, blown by the wind, falling leaves become snow falls. The trees are the type with tiny leaves, about the size of nail (the smallest finger’s).

Despite wanting to save it, I still hesitate on pulling out, even for a not perfectly lighted and composed picture. *sigh*
The biggest problem is really the person behind the gun isn’t it.


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