The thing we’ll remember about election

Includes the fact that we have 34 political parties participating in this battle of popularity. I’ve just heard that a province even have local parties (competing for chair in the local parliament only).

Then, they changed the system. Traditionally, electing is called “mencoblos”, which is something like, punching a hole. Thanks to the availability of illiterate voters in areas further from big cities, logo and portrait plays bigger role than names. The process of election has also been using nail to sign the votes.

Now, we make tick-mark. *put the cutest smile here*
I just wondered will vote from peoples still punching a hole through the paper will count of disqualified.

The other thing about this election is, it will be held in the holy week of the Christian (oh well, we’re minority anyway). The last supper, Good Friday and the Easter, means the government should’ve just give us something like Golden week instead.

Yesterday, Rocket Man 7 and Dragon Drive 14 is in.

Finished Hayate no Gotoku 14 this morning. Tiresome, but fun anyway. Such as the Alice in Wonderland story where “don’t worry, our author doesn’t know that much about Alice too” remark. Or when Alice opened her eyes and it’s UC 0078 while the background showed a colony drop scene. Ah, and of course the “Friend” party.

Rocket Man… somehow I made that “hey, that sounds interesting” when R gave the possibility that You is secretly being cultivated to be Aeneas’ successor (I think that should be the correct spelling for her name).

A~nyway, had 1.5 scripts left and several proof reading to do. Didn’t bring any home. I want to enjoy this long weekend and just hope that the whole plan won’t be ruined by some unexpected turn of events. Ah right, and I should also starts making estimates for the weekend budget. orz


3 thoughts on “The thing we’ll remember about election

  1. ngaak ngak ngak ngak ngak many "kertas suara" delivered to the wrong place and i think they will schedule a re-election. I also wonder… who’s the winner this time? One vote for Golput! gyahahaha

  2. Hahaha… sama, golput.Pemilu legislatif lebih kayak lawakan ah ini. Kemaren itu pulang masih sempet becandain ama tukang ojek, itu judinya orang kaya. Bedanya ama main saham, cuma ada untung atau buntung, gak ada untung kecil atau rugi kecil ^^;Babak utamanya kan pemilu presiden

  3. Haha pemilu presiden masih lama, juli. tapi gue uda daftar sih , di bandung, di kost gue. Jadi kalo gue ga kedaftar di kampung, gue bisa ke bandung, coblos di sana. Ini tinggal nunggu neh… siapa yang bakal digandeng SBY. Soalnya, yang laen najis semua JK-Wiranto, Prabowo-Idon’tKnow, Mega-blabla entah lah. Harapan SBY-Sultan mungkin tinggal harapan, tapi… shrugs.


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