Batik and cosplay

Two event united by a single theme, clothes. But the cosplay really felt like it’s in a different class.

In JCC, this week, there’s a fair showcasing batik clothes from all over Indonesia (at least the provinces that has that product). Because there’s still nobody, I walked into the fair area and look at the textile products.

Some stands are arranged great, I actually want to enter and sit down inside. I don’t understand the meaning or any philosophies of the designs, but there’s a priest there giving lecture about the richness of philosophies drawn inside the designs of Dayak batik design.

The cosplay? Not really interested. Well, there are interesting design, and one brought large prop with him. But I don’t like to take their picture. It’s difficult to take candid pictures of them, especially in crowded convention space. But for peoples taking pictures, they’re usually posing too much.

BTW, in a corner, there’s design of batik that’s more modern styled. Hybrid style with western fashion I think. Interesting… but also somehow felt wrong.

PS: my notebook’s power adapter is getting hot real quick lately. Should I bring it to service centre or is it normal? Uhh… maybe next week.


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