Disrupting workflow

Today, there’s a presentation in the office offering version control software (+ the suites). Of course, being by the local reseller of Apple product, we have that shining apple around the presenter.

He’s rather surprised though, to hear the editorial do everything from copy editing to layout using Microsoft Word. His experience abroad, he said the companies used desktop publishing software to do it. Well, as the wise man said, where ever there’s a will, there’s a way. Never underestimate years of experience. (^_^;)

In the presentation, the idea is not really difficult for me. It’s just like in the web, separation of content and design, where each section can focus on editorial work and design work.

I’m the sceptic though, because text placing in comic are usually out sourced. With the high standard of monthly product target, we can’t afford having the workflow disturbed and hurt our productivity even if it’s meant for efficiency in the future (well, the problem at hand, to take it in extreme, change of workflow must not become an excuse for lowered productivity).

It’s not clear about the implementation in our case, and how the responsibility will be separated between the editorial department, the pre-publishing and design division. Plus for me, how will our productivity index will be measured in this new system.

As for other in the division, the main reason to be sceptical about the success of deployment is in the company itself. The solution needed computer upgrade for the whole division, means money. Knowing there are staff that has waited for a year for a computer upgrade that’s promised but never realized.

Secondly, no guarantee they will not just give us baseline unit that won’t do well in helping us work with image scans that’s probably in the thousands dpi resolution.

Well, my hope is, lets use the new unified workflow only for the proof editing process. Let the rest runs as usual. I definitely don’t want to do text placing no matter how they said it’ll be easier. That will took too much effort. Just keep the papers away.

PS: now I hope the management also think of the comic division when making decision.


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