Live Home Web Slice

So maybe Web IM is not coming here yet, as well as web activity. But there is a new thing I’ve just noticed about the Live home.


Right, the button is green. Seems like the team had implemented IE8’s web slice into the Windows Live home.

Previously there’s only RSS feed for the activity of my network.


And after adding, here it is. Ready to be read from any site your browser currently opens. No need to go to for the most recent.

Although it looks prettier than subscribing to the RSS feed as described in Jeffrey’s earlier tips, there is a downside to it.

As seen in the screencap, the web slice seems to only display less than a handful of most recent updates. The web slice contains 10 updates. But because the web slice doesn’t have a scrollbar, it’s not visible easily. 

Probably a rollout glitch on the Windows Live team’s side. The web slice has disappeared after I refresh the page.
But this is coming right ? o(^-^)o

[Update 2]
After comment by Sunshine in Liveside… I’ve just got remembered again. Live Toolbar already had the feature. Using too much of InPrivate mode with all the toolbars turned off made me forget about it.


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