Morning with… some threats


Good morning! That door in the lower right quarter is the emergency exit to fire staircase.

We the second floor workers used it a lot because it’s a whole lot faster than waiting for the elevator to go up to the 6th or 7th floor then go back down.

This morning, upon arrival, we’re greeted by… yes, the sign that’s supposed to be showing us to safety looks threatening.

Talking about threat, found a new type of terror from beggars in the bus. Well, terror from beggars on public bus is not un-common at all. Two of the usual pattern is:

  • Act like they’re criminal, or ex-criminal, thus they might do reckless thing or even chase you after you get down from the bus. Implicitly.
  • Act like drug addict, thus like the other type, implies they’re prone to do violence act if their demand is not fulfilled.

Then the one today, old sickly person, trying to sing (I can hear only hand claps, and coughs). Then, when he walked to the front (next to my seat) he coughed and not even cover his mouth. Some mucus jumps to my place of course. Hell, I prefer the intimidating type with amputated arm rather than this, at least they’re not making physical attack.


2 thoughts on “Morning with… some threats

  1. Laird, that’s the reality though. Just like every single city in the world, there are good things happening and bad things happening. This is the first time I had such experience though, and I don’t want to meet another.


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