From mildly to bitterly

Yesterday is not so according to plan. Well, I don’t have much vote to protest, after all for me it’s a private event. But it’s different in the other side because there’s the not so flexible other party that also made the sudden plan.

The meeting point is Plasa Indonesia, I want to check out my magazine first. Still not here yet, so maybe next one or two weeks. When I first subscribed, it arrived on the last week, but now it arrived on early week. A bit faster perhaps, but I’m not really sure either.

Not much choice for lunch though. The menu there are expensive. Had to settle down with the Chinese food restaurant.

After that, walked to look around the Sony Centre and then go to pick up her friend who will stay overnight.

… pretty much that’s the events until 14.00. There’s supposed to be a lot of stupid jokes too, but sadly I can’t remember most of it.

When we arrived at her place, I just fall to the floor and take a short nap even though I woke up not too early in the morning. Well, I did sleep late.

Watches FF13 trial game. No serious comments, I’m the parody making type. After that, depart around 19.00. I’m glad I took out more cost to take the bike. When I arrived in the bus stop, the bus going to my direction is still waiting. Thanks to that, I arrived at home in approx. an hour. Less than half an hour actually, if I remember the clock before the bus takes to the freeway.

At home, again, sudden announcement are annoying. I’ve had my plans for next weekend, when most peoples in my home is away. But my dad suddenly say he’s dragging me to Bandung to help him do the accounting jobs for April. Suddenly I don’t want weekend to come. There won’t be such a chance anymore in who knows how many years! And he had to ruin it like cold water to a spark.


3 thoughts on “From mildly to bitterly

  1. Oh dear Seika I do feel for you. Is there no way you can get out of it? I love to read your blogs Seika. I could just picture you falling to the floor to have a sleep. Take care.

  2. It’s not that bad actually. On a hot weather and room without air conditioning, the floor is usually cool enough to have a bearable sleep. The bitter part of the whole story is only the last part.

  3. I know Seika I gathered that. Our culture is so different. I am not sure of your age, but as you may be aware, we do not have the same here regarding family. My daughter still lives with me in this flat but only because she has special needs and therefore I have to still care for her. Normally she would have left long ago to get married (or live with a partner) or just simply go and get her own place. Normally at 65 I would now be living by myself in a bungalow (single storey, no steps to climb) or a downstairs one bedroomed flat. It sounds so different for you Seika.


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