all those troubles come and hopefully passed away.

Somehow, I failed and my father dragged me to Bandung, capital of the neighbouring province located relatively to the opposite general direction of the ocean.

I’m supposed to help him to sort the accounting report (no IT solution) but in result, I’m given incomplete material (part are still being worked on by the person in charge) so my works are wasted like smoke to the air, raising only my mood’s global temperature.

P1010491 (768x1024) Off with the annoying thing, the trip there is not that bad. Been long time since I went out of town. The city is located in the highland. Unlike downtown of course, a lot of trees and farmland with vegetables and rice. Small irrigation canals and pipes also brings nice impression. Along, there’s a lot of these tall grasses.

Enjoyed seeing them sway in the wind. Personally, I like grass flowers better than any flowers with petals. After all, it’s they, the grasses (not Marijuana) that feeds almost all the world population.

Also because the mountain area used to be major tea plantation during the Ost-indien era, of course there’s a lot of teas too. But through the inter-city freeway we took, seems like there’s more vegetables and rice than teas.

We didn’t go to Bandung city itself though, just the regency town outskirt of the city. It also has lots of sewer canal, though small and many that I saw are closed with bars.

The air also felt nice. Cool and fresh. But after around 10 or 11 is another story. The weather is just as hot as any city. (ー_ー)

P1010500 (1024x768)  P1010497 (1024x768)

P1010509 (768x1024)

By the way, a thing I don’t understand the function of.

After lunch, my father went to his friend’s place and they talked real long (wasted… maybe two hours). I found this piece of metal near the tool to clean up the inner side of leather used for making shoes.


One thought on “Yesterday…

  1. Wonderful blog Seika! See, there is always a bright side to something that we don’t want to do! If you had not gone with your father, you wouldn’t have experienced this. Yes it turned out to be rather a waste but on the other hand. I always love your descriptions in your blogs and in my minds eye I can see it as if I was there.


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