Across Sudirman

Paying off for the lost time, I decided going a bit far for Sunday… checking up my subscribed magazine which of course hasn’t arrived yet. Maybe this week (hope so).

Tested unused 3G modem too in my free time. It’s a carrier locked ZTE MF-622 branded modem, my only choice because it’s readily available at home and I had no budget to buy a better one any time soon.

It works and catch [H] signal. The interface is ugly, but I thing this is because of the font (ported from Chinese, with blue colour and I prefer sans-serif font). Loading the application is heavy, and after the first 10 minutes connection is lost. Nevertheless, usable and I’m not dependant on free wi-fi now :D

Before going home, visited my cousin who come to Jakarta. He’s invited by his company to come for training. Since my aunts want to go looking around for a while, me and my brother went up to rest in his hotel room. Tried the modem again and the connection is terrible from there (carrier problem, not the modem).

The interesting part now. Sudirman street in Jakarta is one of the main streets downtown. Four lanes to each direction plus green belt of plants on the separator. The width… well, nine lanes.

Across the street, there’s… about three or four sewer and canal tunnel underneath, not really something peoples would take attention of though, it’s just there.

When going back, I passed near one (in front of another of the superblock shopping centres) and there’s a lot of small winged creatures flying around near the tunnel. Some are sparrows, but others that fly fast, I think they have chiropteran wings, bats.

… they stayed in the tunnel during the day? Never thought there are bats living around the area. Still, not planning on dipping my feet to the sewer for that adventure of checking out if there’s really a colony down there.


3 thoughts on “Across Sudirman

  1. No I wouldn’t neither Seika! My that road must be wide! Nine lanes! How does anyone cross it? Are there walkways above or do you cross via a subway to reach the other side? You sound like you are curious though about the bats. I would be too and would be very tempted (sewage or not!) to go and take a peek! LOL

  2. Gee, reminds me not to pass that tunnel T_TI can’t stand sparrow as well i can’t stand chicken


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