Installing Windows 7, 64 bit

With the release of Windows 7 RC, I want to try going forward and move to 64 bit edition. Some of the experience in the installation.

First, the download took time. 3 GB, took half a day with internet here (yes, I’m looking at you all in who download it either with relatively more reliable internet or downloading through local connections). Second one, I also downloaded 32 bit edition for my friends with older CPUs.

The second download is a bad experience. I put my computer to auto shut down when I think the download has finished (I’m in office). But in fact it hasn’t and I can’t resume the file afterward.

Go to the installation step. It’s quick! Faster than I expected. This time, I also didn’t format the wrong partition! But to my surprise, my video storage drive is signed as system partition. This seems to be causing trouble too. After the installation is finished, the partition is not mounted by Windows. I tried mounting it using Computer Management snap-on, and after a restart I get an error message saying there’s no Bootmgr. I’ll try it again tonight and switch the SATA cable.

If things gone for the worse, I’ll buy a new external hard drive tomorrow. Need one of that anyway, to store away my already burned files that I still hesitate to delete. NAS would be better, but still beyond my budget nor income.

Using 64 bit… more or less I didn’t feel much difference at all. But that’s several hours impression, still had much customization to be made, and looking for 64 bit version of my favourite applications.

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