The branches just looks interesting that time

Went to check on my notebook today. It’s still under repair (or repair queue). I also talked to the owner of the computer store, if I could sell the notebook and buy new one with discounted price. In the end, I planned on getting the cheaper older model Tx2600 than Tx2. The largest difference seems to be multi-touch driver, which I doubt will use often more than the active touch screen (plus I prefer the older model’s imprint). According to early calculation, would take quite some time to return the money to my limited saving.

That’s not including other list of to buy, such as Windows 7, Palm Pre, and an external hard disk for archiving of my downloaded old files.

P1000032 After that, and lunch, went back. But then, I think I’ll go to the movie, throwing away “bad luck”. Somehow, I picked Solstice instead of Angel&Demon, bad choice. Luckily not that scary, although I think I’ll hallucinate a bit about the mud black girl (the reason I know I shouldn’t watch horrors).

Oh, just forget that. The time the movie finished is just right. After I go to the toilet and saw the view outside from the window, I quickly go to the parking for an unobstructed view of the sunset. Found another nice spot to view it. Maybe next time I’ll try from the other place too. Really, the wide view from that parking lot today, I like the clouds formation and the colouring This is right after the red sky right ? When green colours starts to came out.

P1000041 Stitch

Other interesting thing I found is a small book kiosk at the corner. It just opened recently I guess, never saw that before. The kiosk sells western books, in English. Although all wrapped, some looks like old book (which would be difficult to find in book store). The price is quite reasonable too, all is under €5. Probably they have classic works as well as sci-fi novels too ?

Just when I arrived back home, my mother is going to the airport to pick up a relative just coming back from Malaysia. I followed straight, less time alone with my dad is better. We even get a chance to go around, because the person we pick up want to stay in my aunt’s place.

When all’s over, had a dinner with my mother in the Sunter’s street side vendors. The view is reminiscent of Jayakarta street’s vendors that we, a whole family, used to go when I’m younger. Almost all the vendors sell Chinese food. Not authentic Chinese mainland food, but mostly adapted version by descendants of Chinese immigrants living in many part of Indonesia, especially Sumatra and Borneo island.


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