Bye bye roof garden

P1000060 (1024x768)

Picture totally unrelated.

Today when I went back rather late from work, I’ve just realized that they had cleaned up the small workshops at the side of the Slipi bridge.

It’s main one of the junction overpass bridges in west Jakarta area. At both side of the bridge are smaller street. At the side that goes to the north, there are many small businesses, mostly wood workers and house demolition workers. Those workshops are built on pedestrian and the part of streetside that’s supposed to be used for trees (well, the trees are still there). The workshop ranges from those using roofs, or simply using tarpaulin sheets as makeshift roofs.

Seen interesting thing happen on those roofs before. The trees planted on the streetside it mostly coniferous trees. The falling leaves collect on the roofs and with rain, got wet enough for smaller grasses to grow. Sometime when seeing them, I wondered if the root doesn’t penetrate the plastics.

So, why did they got cleaned by the officials anyway ? I don’t have the report or information, but I don’t think it’s because they don’t have any license to build there (it’s the pedestrian after all). Right behind them, a new building will be built, office building maybe. When I passed today, they almost finish a small building that seems to be the marketing office, all while there’s not even a single foundation pile can be seen in the vicinity.


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