Night at the Museum 2

We watched this today, finally. The time is rather tight, more explanation on the next post, but as promised, got to watch it together.

For the more critical peoples, maybe this sequel would be a letdown. At least from my point of view, compared to the first movie, in exchange of having more casts, there are not enough time to be friendly with the whole casts, especially the bad guys’ side (Ivan, Napoleon and Al).

Not that I would protest anyway, I had my share of laugh and that’s the whole reason I pay for the ticket, not for some theme or moral teaching or deep thought work of literature art, but for plain simple laugh. :D

Never knew before that the Smithsonian is a complex. And the 136 million items in collection… the history sure had a lot of things doesn’t it ?

The “moral lesson” part from Teddy does reminds me of the strip from Office Offline, the wordings I mean.

Made me feel sad in a way though. Amelia’s words about why she choose her job made me feel… left in the real world when dealing with why I choose my job now and why my parents keep insisting me on choosing jobs with better income.


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