Big house, big garden

And even big room. My dream last night is more… linked to my experience before sleep IMO. Last night, my father is back from his trip, bringing paperwork I don’t want to do, really. Being tired after a boring day, I text myself to sleep (typing in my phone until I fell asleep) and the dream just continue from there.

Being an ignorant person, I ignored the fact that my room is now in the first floor, about as large as twice my living room with full set of home theatre (weird, because I’d prefer computer unit) and having glass window/door facing a spacious garden. But hey, it’s a dream, things gets absurd in that space.

The story is simple. I want to stay awake until later in the night, while my father is still outside, He even showed up from the window, watching into the room like a thief stalking his target.

Hate this.


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