What to expect from a mobile device

Today, I’m totally bored here at home. That leaves a day time to contemplate about what I want from a mobile device, while waiting for the Palm Pre, which I don’t know how long before it arrived in Indonesia and reach an acceptable price (not marked up with “luxury” cost).
Okay, I lied, had it in 10 minutes, but the waiting is real.

Looking at feature phones, the higher end models for example, they actually fits most of my needs already. Wi-Fi and high speed internet, music player, Office file editing, e-mail, browser, RSS reader. In all, I think I’d really like to use those phones instead. To add to my motivation, thanks to the full touch-rush that’s started by that phone, there’s even less pretty designed clamshell model phone, even though both design could be merged to one.

So, which feature is it ?

Online PIM. Contacts, Calendar, such things. Well, Windows Live still fall short on the calendar side and I had negative sentiment towards Google’s.


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