Being withheld

Not so fun news today in the office. When I asked to my manager about the FTE status, she mentioned that the mid-level manager got note from the HRD, an unpleasant note. Apparently, contract workers from the whole group has their status frozen indeterminately from promotion to FTE regardless of how critical the position is. Right, and I’m already not so happy because they extend my contract and in the company birthday one of the manager asked if I’m promoted already. I guess I’ll keep my further complaints because it’s all still based on suspicion, but I still hope to have some compensation tomorrow with the manager.

The problem lies less with the employment status than with my family actually. I don’t like the over-optimistic targeting and the slow internet connection, but I actually enjoyed my job, it’s a job I had passion in. But, being a “comic editor” doesn’t really do well in the family. Yes, it might sounds like I had a wonderful job to the relatives about my generation, but to my parents, it’s a profession looked down (well, anything other than management, entrepreneur and job that makes lots of money) and if I didn’t get the FTE status I’m in threat of forced to switch to another job altogether.

I do had to admit, contract worker salary here is definitely very tight, I don’t think I’ll even have enough for my three basic need yet for quite some time.

Well, hope I had some luck tomorrow.


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